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Amielia Earhart's Life

By Michelle L.
Arkansas, Age 12

In 1987 a miracle baby was born, her name was Amielia Earhart.Amielia Earhart was the first woman to ever ride in an airplain across the Atlantic Ocean.
It all started when she had a dream when she was working in a hospital during ''World War I.'' She wanted to be the first woman to ever ''drive'' an airplain, and she was.
In 1921 Amielia earned her pilot license. At the age of 30,she was the first woman passanger to fly across the Atlantic Ocean.
Also in 1928 she flew across the United States and back,and in 1932 Amielia flew across Atlantic Ocean.she was also the first pilot to fly alone across the Pacific Ocean.she was the first woman pilot to fly to make these flights alone.
In 1937 Amielia desided to go around the world,so her and Fred Noonan started the trip around the world.But on July 2nd,1938 her plainran out of fuel over the mid-pacific.
In conclusion, Amielia was never seen again.