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Do You Like Hunting?

By Justin D.
Montana, Age 13

Have you ever been waiting and waiting for a herd of elk to shoot a big bull, or stalking a big buck. A lot of people have done it and enjoy it. There have been a lot of people that have shot a monster mule deer, or a crazy big bull elk. If you want to know how many people in school like hunting, this reporter did a survey of the people in an English class. Of course not many of the girls did, only one. There had been only been two girls and only one liked it.

Like Hunting Don't Have Been Hunting
Girls 1 10 7

Guys 11 0 11

Out of the whole state of Montana 109 towns have places that sell licenses. Those 109 towns together have 354 stores that sell licenses.
Hunting is also great exercise if you like to get out of the house. If you don't like to get up early you probably won't like it.
If you haven't been hunting and say you don't like it, you should probably try it, because if you like a rush, it's a real rush to shoot a big bull elk or a monster mule deer.