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Aids In Africa

By Jodi M.
Colorado, Age 15

Did you know that hundreds of kids are dying everyday because of Aids in Africa? Almost 3 million children under 15 are living with HIV. And hundreds of kid's parents are dying from Aids, leaving them homeless, out on the streets with nothing! Everyday you go home with a roof over your head, friends and family that you know love you, and some kind of food on the table. Children in Africa would love to have even one of those things. That would be like heaven to them.

Babirye is one of millions of little kids in Africa whose story is about overcoming tragedy and being changed daily. Faith keeps Babirye alive and hope keeps her going. She has nothing else! Babirye was born with a twin sister and they do everything together. One day when Babirye was 5 she saw her father start puking up blood and al starts of stuff and her mother told the girls to go away. The next day he was carried away in a coffin. Babirye knew that people were in coffins a lot but what Babirye didn't know was that coffins were for dead people. Babirye lived in the epicenter of Africa where tons of people died daily. As Babirye got older she started getting spots on her skin like her dad and mom had. She started getting really sick, and missed a lot of school. Babirye was falling behind while her sister continued to exceed. People at school started to make fun of Babirye and always called her names because of these spots and rashes that she had all over her. Her sister stuck up for her and stood by her side.

One really horrible night, Babirye heard her mother crying from the other room. She went to see what was wrong and she saw her mother puking on the side of her bed just like her father did the night before he died. The next day Babirye's mother was gone and Babirye and her sister were woken by a screaming and yelling landowner on their doorstep! ''GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE!'' your mother is dead! You have no one, get out of here and on the streets! You are woorthless and have noone!'' So Babirye, and her sister were put on the streets where they got kicked around and were treated like rodents. Babirye and her sister went days and weeks without food. They were so hungry sometimes, they thought they were going to die. There was one place they were welcome though, that was the church. The leader of the church would often let them sleep on the pews, and told them to keep praying and to have faith because faith keeps you alive and hope keeps you going. They did just this and prayed constantly—''for those who ask for it, shall receive,'' says the Lord. This was Babirye's favorite bible verse. She lived by it, and prayed for her mother to come back and prayed that one day she would find something great to live for in this world. Babirye was still very sick at this time and just when she thought there was no more hope left in the world her mother came back! Someone had gotten her mother and helped her get better and took care of her until she was ready to go take care of her two girls. But a couple days later they found out that Babirye was positive for aids and wasn't going to get much better. This is where babirye's story ended.

There are hundreds of poor innocent children dieing daily from aids in Africa, that they cannot do anything about. It gets passed down from generation to generation and we as americans can stop this! Maybe your family goes out to eat once a week or even two times a month, but by cutting this down and eating in and donating some of that money to kids in Africa can save milllions of lives. Would one meal a week be worth to support hundreds of starving children?