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Football News

By Eliot S.
United Kingdom, Age 10

Football News England Defeats Brazil 3-2

A heavy clash ends in a breath taking World Cup Final (W.C.F) with an unexpected defeat over previous World Cup Final winners Brazil.

This memorable day on the 27th April at the reinvigorated Wembley Stadium all started at 4:15pm.

It all kicked off with enduring aggressive attacking lead by Pro-Star Dan Gosling which lead to a 1-0 lead, the astonishment was short term after a 30 yard free kick taken by previous world best player Kaka.

On the 65th min the crowd were left woe-be-gone after Manchester United star Michael Carrick was sent off because of a two foot slide tackle.

Once again powerful attacking from Wayne Rooney lead to a further 2-1 lead. The crowd went wild after a further goal was scored this time through Dan Gosling. Then Brazil started to collaborate but it was too little to late.

England eventually finished on top winning