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Houston, the hero

By Alejandro S.
Texas, Age 13

The state, Texas, was in debt with Mexico! Houston had won the war, and the Texans were sure proud of it. But they were in debt. According to Houston, financial problems are not nice. After Texans had sacrificed their lifes, and some even died. They were still in debt. Ofcourse, the ones that win have to pay all the destruction made to the opposing side. That explains why they were in debt. Many Texans admired Houston's leadership skills. That how Sam Houston became second president with eighty percent ot the votes. Then the Texans were in favor for annexation. Before they were considered free, it took them ten years. Texas was now part of the U.S.The Texans had a good question. Sam, are you a good leader?Yes, he was. Destruction, and more destruction were paid, but not the soldiers.