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Steve did it...AGAIN!

By Jovi G.
Indonesia, Age 15

Year after Apple product released it's tablet, iPad, the world is currently changing. In 2010, many people were excited to have iPads. iPad is really useful for everyone, because it has almost everything that people want, such as, games for children and teenagers, interesting applications for people of all ages, useful applications for careers, like medication for doctors, applications for musicians, teachers, even people already disabled and autistic, and many fun applications.
The first iPad, the specification of the body is really like every tablets in the world but its different, iPad is really light, thin, and handy. But in the first iPad, it doesn't have camera. But after Steve Jobs, the CEO of, announced the release of iPad 2, he showed iPad 2 to the world. iPad 2 is more lighter, thinner, and even more handy. It comes with white and black version. iPad 2 now has camera, so we can take photos every where we go. Many people were interested and want to buy iPad 2 in the middle of March.