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By Gabrielle F.
Virginia, Age 11

Usually we only focus on sports that we play in America, but what about in other countries? They play many sports too! In China they like to play Ping Pong, Soccer, and Basketball. All American right? Well did you know that the Chinese actually invented the very popular American kids game called tick 'tac' toe? Baseball and soccer are really popular inside of Japan, while Australia likes to play some games called Cricket and Rugby. Rugby is like football but with a different ball and slightly different rules. The object of the game is to score points for your team. Cricket is more like Baseball where they use a flat bat and try to score points but a simple game of cricket can last up to 1-48 hours or more! Yeah, I know! So now you know all about a lot of countrys but Asia play things like Summo Wrestling! They invented that one! While African kids like to play sports like football and sometimes Cricket. Well I hope you learned a lot! Maybe you should go try out some new sports! Good luck! ~ Gabby F.