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Winged Freak Terrorises Bully Underworld

By Froilan E.
Philippines, Age 10

Last week, there were several reports of attacks on bullies by a mysterious omen. The apprehended victims described a creature that was invulnerable. ''We kept on shooting it, but it came back every time!'' said Elyhana during her interrogation.
The appearance of the ''beast'' was described as a 4''6' tall bat. ''It was all black, and it had wings to help it fly!'' said Xavier, with a pale white face. While the majority of the bullies said that the Bat was a creature, pictures taken by our photographers, Camille and Gilbert, point out that it wasn't an animal, rather a half boy half bat being.
We interviewed the police chief on the matter that the ''Batboy'', as he is called, did capture half of the most wanted criminals three times faster than the police. ''The only way 'he' did the deed faster than us is because this kid doesn't follow the kid law! As many bullies he captures, he is a vigilante, and is as bad as the bullies he captures!'', exclaimed Natalia, the Chief of Junior Police.
The JR. KSPF (Kid's Special Police Force)have yet to apprehend this ''Batboy''. Meanwhile, the youngest most eligible bachelor,Jonell, donated 1,000,000 to help find the ''Bat- Vigilante''.