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Family Reunions Really Can Be Fun

By Blake Y.
Montana, Age 14

Have you ever been to a family reunion you didn't enjoy. Well, if you have, here are some examples one family uses to have lots of fun. Family reunions are a fun way to see your family. Some families are huge but others are tiny. No matter big or small there are still a lot of ways to have loads of fun. For example, one family from Montana has reunions that are a great way for their family to see eacho other because they all live so far apart. They get together every three years for a reunion. The last reunion they had was this last summer in Cody, WY. They have a huge family. ''Any where we go we fill up the whole park with trailers, motor homes, and even cabins'' says one member of the family from Montana. They have people come from Wisconsin, Maine, Texas, and every state there is. '' We decide where we will be having the reunion by my grandparents going south for the winter and when they go they look at parks in a bunch of different places and when they come back the family council has a meeting on where it will be held. it can be any where in the U.S. Once we even had it in Flippin, Arkansas.'' says another member of the family. Wen they go there, people are greeting, and laughing at each other constantly. There was also lots of food. ''At the beginning we had a pot luck dinner with every one there. You want to talk about a full house'' says another member of the family. They always have an adult's night out wnere the adults go out nad the older kids babysit the younger ones. They go rafting, swimming, and the even have an open auction. If you follow these examples you can have your own reunion nad have as much fun as this family does!!