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Running the gender race

By Kristi N.
Iowa, Age 15

Imagine a world run by women. Women police chiefs, women judges, women justices, women senators, women electricians, and women running everything. Imagine a woman running our country. Would it work? Can a woman be just as effective president as a man? 2008’s presidential race is introducing this thought; it may become reality.
Because our world is run mostly by men, there are some people that think it is time for a change. According to the CBS poll, 92% of Americans say they would vote for a woman president if she was qualified. Ben Golden, a senior at Spirit Lake High School, says he is not opposed to a woman running our country. He thinks women can be president because “women have succeeded in domestic business ventures as well as foreign leaders and diplomats.” When asked if Golden thought America was ready for a woman president, he said no. Though it is not because he doesn’t think women are qualified, he just does not believe we are ready for that much of a change.
America is on the edge about that change, as well. According to a February 2006 CBS poll, 55% of Americans believe our country is ready for a woman in office. There are also those who do not think women should be president at all. Megan Skalbeck, a junior at Spirit Lake High School, does not believe women should be in office. She does not believe women should be in high authority positions because men are usually more effective. She also commented that we would lose respect from other countries, especially those in the Middle East, because those countries do not hold women in as high of regard as America.
There are three schools of thought: women are qualified and America is ready, women are qualified but America is not ready, and women are not qualified to be the head of our nation at all. Now it’s your turn. A woman is running for office in 2008. You can make the difference. Where do you stand?