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Middle School Plus Period Challenges

By Kara W.
Wisconsin, Age 13

Each middle school student is divided into groups called plus periods. There are six different plus period groups. Mr.Astins' army, Mr.Cambells' soup, Mr.Galentae's Prefontaines, Mrs.Gorskis' guppies, Mrs. Mullers' neons, Mrs.Tinkers' tornadoes, and Mrs.Zimmers' Zoomboofoos.
Every Thursday the plus period has a challenge amoungs each other. Some of the activities we do have to do with basketballs,soccer, and baseball. Others may include things that have to do with hula-hooping, write-out things, or a food drive.
Each challenge is one point if you win. So far Mr.Astins Army and Mrs.Zimmers Zoomoofoos are tied with six points, then Mrs.Gorskis guppies with five points. The soup with 1 point which are tied with the Neons and the Prefontaines, then in last place is the Tornadoes.
These activites are educational because they may be challenging. For example you may have to know how to use your math skills in a challenge.
I enjoy these activites because they are fun and exciting. Also you never get bored on Thursdays during plus period. Most kids like them and we all think these plus period challenges should continue.