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Book Review of

By Carter V.
Michigan, Age 13

Moose Flanagan, is a thirteen-year old boy living on Alcatraz. “We moved here last summer,” said Moose, “My father works here at the prison.” The Flanagans consist of a mom, dad, sister, and brother. They still attend school like other children their age, they just have to catch a ferry to get them there, “the ferry to me is like a school bus to any other children,” says Moose Flanagan. Moose plays baseball with his friends after school. Moose’s sister on the other hand is a little immature. She is really sixteen but acts as if she is six. According to her brother Moose she made the choice to not to act her age. Mrs. Flanagan works as a stay-at- home- mom, and sometimes as a Piano instructor in the city of San Francisco. Mr. Flanagan works as a guard on the island prison. While Mr. and Mrs. Flanagan are at work, Moose watches his sister. Sometimes he takes her to the court to play with the other kids that live on Alcatraz. For -fun Moose’s sister has a box with buttons in it. Even though the number of buttons in the box never changes, she still counts them every day. Since the sister acts younger than she is by ten years, her and Mr. and Mrs. Flanagan took her to try to be accepted into the Esther P. Marinoff School for mentally slow children. When the Flanagans went there the daughter got turned down because she was too old. After this news Mr. and Mrs. Flanagan were very upset. This was because they knew that she wouldn’t be able to be accepted into other normal schools. Since Moose’s family lived on the same island/ prison as Al Capone he decided to write a letter to Al Capone to see if he could talk to Mr. Esther P. Marinoff to see if his sister could have another chance to be accepted to the special school. It turned out that
the special school opened a new branch of the school for older mentally slow teenagers, and they wanted Moose’s sister to be the first student to enter the new branch of the school. This of course made the Flanagan family very happy to her. “I was so surprised to here the awesome news,” said Mrs. Flanagan, “this is so great for the family and our daughter.”