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Snow ing ALL saturday

By Paj L.
Minnesota, Age 9

Hello welcome to are news. Well it seems like saturday is going to be snowing all day can you belive it Katelyn. Well well I can't belive it my granny is making pancake that day and it's on a snowy day Robert. Now why don't we start getting back to are news and Kate is going to tell us what she think is going to happen.......thank you Robert and Katelyn. So on are news today me and Jack will tell you what we thank, Jack. Well it meut be like in the 40's to the 30's. And don't let to much kids play out side they might get a could.And perenst only 3 more weeks befor halooween. And my kids are like yes it's almost there it's almost there. My kids want it to be right now. well thank you Kate and Jack. Well that is are news today thank you and by-by.