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3 Year Old Time Traveler

By Brandon M.
Pennsylvania, Age 11

Brandon:Hello I'm Brandon and this is Bensalem News I'm here at the family house here with the worlds first time traveler Josephine .So Josephine the world wants too know where did you go in time?
Josephine:I went to 2018 in the future.
Brandon:Can you give us a sneak peek about 2018?
Ok well one thing is that they finally recreated dinosaurs and my sister GIavana is going too be the mayor because they have a new law that you can be the mayor at 14 years old.
Brandon:Is Giavana the 6 year old who made the time machine?
Josephine:Yeah but of course it happened on accident.
Brandon:Wow amazing so what is your favorite thing about the 2018?
Josephine:Well Brandon what I liked the most in 2018 is that there are going too be lots of Guinea pigs and hamsters in the future.
Brandon:Wow who knew so much could happen in 1 year well that's it for the day I'm Brandon.
Josephine:And I'm Josephine.
Brandon:And this is....
Everyone:BENSALEM NEWS see ya next time.