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Gore for President

By Chris K.
New Jersey, Age 6

Two candidates are running for president. They are George W. Bush the governor of Texas and Al Gore the vice-president. The major issues to me are Gun Control and Medicare.
Everyone in this country needs Gun Control. There has been a lot of killing in schools because kids have gotten their hands on those dangerous weapons. I stand for Al Gore in this issue because he stands for photo identification so kids can't get their hand on them. This issue will lead to fewer deaths. He also stands for child-safety locks because when little children get their hands on guns they don't know how to use them properly. I believe this affects me in many ways. Someone could kill you, me, or even up to the president or senator. On the other hand George W. Bush doesn't support child-safety locks. He believes that the United States should have the same restrictions but with more prosecutions and jailtime. Those are some of the reasons I think Gun Control is the most important issue.
The second most important issue to me is Medicare. There are 11 million children in America that don't have heath insurance and Al Gore is going to make sure that all of them have it by the year 2005. He is also going to make sure that low-income families get medicine for much less.
If you care about any of hoe issues you would vote for Al Gore the best man for the job. He also has a lot of background on the environment. He grew up on a farm and even wrote a book about the environment. So please vote for Al Gore, thank you.