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My Mother Tried To Teach Me How

By *Cathleen* C.
Grade 6, Texas

My Mother tried to teach me how
to bake a yum delicious cake
but I made a boo-boo and dropped that
cake on my Father's fish Bait!
My Father was not happy with me
so he sent me to my room.
I made a boo-boo and slipped
and I landed on my Aunt's best broom!
When she found out she said
I was a bad, bad child
she yelled so loud I almost
went wild!
I thought I'd better go
to kitchen where it's safe
But then I made a boo-boo
and knocked over Mother's
Freshly Baked Cake!
I have a smart Mother who learned
something very Fast!
Don't ask me to help bake a cake
or believe me it won't last!