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By Elizabeth O.
Grade 15, New York

You suddenly appear
When I was not expecting you
You called me in your dreams
When I was forgetting you

Perhaps you think I will trust you again
Like if you wanted my legs made me fell because of the same rock
But my dear, let me tell you is not same blame
This time my eyes are as strong as an stone

I wonít tell you what Iíve done for you and neither you will
Cause you donít debit nothing and neither do I
Believe me its no necessary you to pay the bill
I have already forgotten what was in the corner of my eye

Now what used to be dreams
Have changed into ice cubes
No more tears used to make drinks
Even if you thought they were cute

Tears must never be treated like a piece of charcoal
I remind you, that they are not like that
They canít seem to be a diamond
But is obvious they can be as strong as that