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By A. 0.
Grade 10, Arizona

Dancing on the cobbles,
(Maroding in the Streets.)
Songs of joy and laughter,
(Rotting deep inside.)
Exultant bards and leaping minstrels,
(Kneeling whores and squatting harlotts.)
Smiling moon, sparkling stars,
(Wincing Venus, writhing maggots.)
Streaming, merry lights,
(Swallowing, yawning graves.)
Good Garden of Gethsemane,
(Garden of Earthly Delights.)
Shouting Muses,
(Grinning Devil.)
Young girl, smiling, twirling,
(Sammael standing, swinging sword.)
Dancing proudly with the Angels,
(Lover, Jezebel, hast now betrayed.)
Her gentle lover commest now,
(He kills her quickly, without a sound.)
Both Caressed by a gentle breeze,
(They come to punish him for her death.)
Run hand-in-hand down the cobbles,
(He laughs and snarls and holds his ground.)
Whirling laughter and tinkling bells,
(They overtake him, drag him away.)
Nith at the festival, together, surrounded,
(Sammael is scourged, beaten bloody.)
Retire with the waking sun,
(Nailing him to a jutting cross.)
Silent beds, sleeping children,
(Hellish tomb, Golgotha Tennant.)