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By Kyla C.
Grade 14, Canada

Here I am,

sitting alone again,

the world vastly changing before my eyes

its nights like this when i feel no


like dreams, promising a better tomorrow

what a joke-what a tease

living in a cookie cutter world


unneeded aggrivations

its times when people think they know,

but all they know is that im trapped

dont you see it?

they do-they make it worse

it wont stop,

why wont it stop?

i feel at fault for being trapped

trying to find Heaven in Hell

it doesnt work

ive been filling myself with hope, faith

knowing subconciously nothing with help,

nothing can

i feel no sense of livelihood,

a vagrant some would say

or a door,

metephorically perfect for me

what lies insides a secret

occluded by those who don't know me

my whole life,

I wanted to be the girl whom made a

but its done with,

im over it

I can't take anymore of their sickening vibes

I grew up wanting a reason to change

now all I want is a reason to stay the same