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Mother Nature

By AAA. Md.Hasnain R.
Grade 9, India

It is a beautiful day
All is cloudy and grew
The hen clucking
The shining bride peeping from the clouds
And I seeing it from my house.

The contrast of the light
And the windís might
The cool fresh air and its chill
And sadness of degree nil.

And now comes the time for my fasting
Before that bride is contrasting
Now I can hear the prayer call
From the mosque, temple and church hall.

The silence of the winds
And the birds of kind
The silent abundance on the roads . . . . . . . .
Then there is a sudden reload!!!!!!!!!

The world is lively again
Full of people again
Singing their lively tunes again

The water is striking at the coast,
The star fish being tossed from pillar to post
The kids bathing,
The men debating
The women hacking
The old people laughing
And the people jogging.

Now as the shades (of the sun) are fading
And the bride is contracting
Every body is back to their homes
After their days roam.

Every thing is silent
Everything is dark
Everything is stagnant
Nothing is malignant.