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By Abigale N.
Grade 9, United Kingdom

Whent life gets cold,
and love is lost,
theirs no where to turn,
without seeing blocks,
When the skies have fallen,
and hevens have dawned,
theirs no where to turn,
without feeling torn.

So many people thought you'd fail,
that you'd end up in a prison jail,
but no one could see what lies beneth,
the beauty you share and all that is peace.

The way you laughed and joked around,
to hide what was really going down,
the thoughts of pain and death they said,
would haunt you with the tears you shed,
no one can save you from the devils hands,
no one likes you,
go home,
your going down,
but now your gone,
they want you back,
no one to hurt,
to watch fight back,
the suffering they put you through,
to watch,
and laugh,
and torchur you.

The teachers wont listen,
your family too,
an all you can think is,
their in this too.

They punchh,
and kick,
and spit on your shoes,
they call you names,
till you lose your cool,
And YES!
sticks and stones will break my bones,
but you'll never no what names can do,
they can kill you on the outside,
they can kill you on the in,
even if you try not,
to let them think they'll win,
they always try to beat you,
make you feel dim,
so who are these trajic people,
that hurt you from within,
they say their your friends,
and their there till the ends.

No one can see what your going through,
they think it's just fun,
what their putting you through,
deep down they no,
what they can do,
but if they turned,
it could be THEM LOT TOO!!!!!!