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The Mall

By Adelina P.
Grade 9, California

It looked real wet that day at the mall.
For when we got there it felt like a big empty hall.
For no one came that day for it was to cold, and too wet so only a few came.

As we went shopping in the big empty mall.
That we thought of calling friends to come to the empty mall.

That our friends thought could it be like an empty hall.
When they heard of this knew they had to come rushing down to the mall.

When they came we just knew that we had to go to the Cinna Store.
For they sold nothing but warm, creamy,
yummy Cinna Buns.
This store wasn't just any ordinary food store for it was the best food store of them all.
Everybody thought so here at the mall.

When we went shopping for the clothes, a whole mess of people had already crowded in.
For we had to barge in to get what we want.