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Wonderments race

By Adrian F.
Grade 9, California

It looked extremely well for Wonderment the dog favored to win the race. The top two dogs were out that day ill in a flu like state.

People placed there bets on him to win a splendid fashion. The other racers were not favored not one to win by a hair.

So it went nearing the race the owner of great wonderment standing bold and straight. The racers entered the starting gate hoping for nothing that day.

The fans had entered the stadium with bets and drinks in hand. Watching great Wonderment as he knew no fear at all.

The announcer called each dog off at a time but no one got more attention than Wonderment the great.

The starting pistol rang in a blaze of fire as the hounds went for their prey. People rang with happiness as they neared the end. It was fury at the finish where the winner was found out, but it was not great Wonderment no, for he was still in the starting gate sleeping with his tongue hanging out.