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Cruising on sullen water

By Abrar H.
Grade 12, Bangladesh

Cruising through Sullen Water

From beyond the spires of heaven or hell, which i can't say
Descended in swarm of scores or many
Upon the land beneath that lay;
I wondered for long on such ominous note
While in leisure I pondered on sums once I used to quote;
And it took no longer for me find
Nay longer than they descended, upon which my heart whined;
Yes I know now after all wisdom in me gathered
To deduce from this finding the journey offered
And in plain they announced:
They descend on inclination to scavenge
All that lay dead and deranged,
From frailty thee mortals cause,
To destroy that you never owned;
For any sane creature that breathes
Will mourn the death which surrounds you in heaps
Only you will look and never care
Or waste not your time on contemplation
On the greatness that is now there
But soon will be gone.