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Lost in Love

By Abey A.
Grade 1, Kenya

I'm here,I'm there,
Here in me,there in your future
I have looked,longed for the days,
But the nights are longer, longer than the days.
The past so far,the memories so fresh,
Fresher than a friend,fried fish.

I'm here,I'm there
For there is nothing I can say, than to stay,
To stay forever,and leave you never
You are there not far,neither too near,
For I will be happy to sit,to dwell in your cit.

I'm here, I'm there,
To fulfill the wishes, our wishes
For I life to love, live to love,
The past in you,the best in you.

I'm here,I'm there,
Will I ever leave, or take a leave?
No is the answer I say,for I will ever stay.