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My BestFriend

By AHaha A.
Grade 9, Canada

You help me out
thought hard times
and Good times,
your a very good friend

You are worth
more then my eyes can see.
You became just like my twin
you stay with me until the very end like a pair of shoes.

I understand that
sometimes life is hard to live
and life aint fair
but i just wanted to say im here for you.

In case you didnt notice...
You helped me a lot in life
You fix my broken pieces
back together <3

You brighten up my days
when i was feeling down or even sad.
I just wanted to thank you very much
You make me into a better person

I still remember,..
The days we spent together
I remember them
like it was yesturday

The sunshine of your smile
lights up my heart from darkness
who would i have become
Without You??

B ecause of you. im a better person
E everytime, you make me s m i l e =]
S till friends forever and ever
T he good times and the bad memory i'll always remember

F or everytime you help me
R hymes in my head over and over
I 'll always be there for you
E ven when you dont want to
N ever will i let you down
D o everything to thank you

F irst time i met you., i knew u were a good friend
O ut of my mind, you'll aways help me
R eal friends always help each other out
E ven when bad things happen but it get better in time
V ery much. i thank you
E verything happens for a reasons
R espect is the right key
S M I L E ;;