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Waiting for tomorow

By Amal Z.
Grade 11, Morocco

Thanks for everyone who hurt me
without that pain i wouldn't become who i am
why i feel so different
i m already dead inside
people killed me
i can't even smile anymore
i m so tired of fighting
i m feed up with this life
i always waited for tomorrow
tomorrow who will bring the joy
to my broken heart
but now i realize something
it will never come
i was just lying to myself
but when i saw you for the first time
i felt alive again
i taught you the one
i loved you so much
until you stab me in the back
i never taught you able to do that
but i was very wrong about you
i miss you so much
my heart is dying without you
but my dignity is stop me from
running into you arms
the pain in my chest
you killed me
i could never forgive you
i didn't want your friendship
i wanted your love
but you didn't care why?
you were my best friend and you didn't understand me
you didn't know me
it was all lies
goodbye my baby
i will never forget you
and i must go on even all my pain
the most hurting thing is feeling alone
when i m around people
i don't know what to do
should i give up
or wait for tomorrow