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Life is that way

By AAA.Md.Hasnain R.
Grade 9, India

It was a hot noon
I was cycling down the street
The walkman in my ear,
The sweat band around my wrist
The hot loo blowing
And the sun scorching.

The heat tearing my body
And the sweat trickling down my fore head
The sight of the kids bathing (in the sea)
Like a daily chore and
The sight increase my anxiousness to reach the shore more and more.

And when I reached the shore,
The cool breeze blowing past me
And I got the sensation on the shore
As if all the troubles had tore
And that was the dead end of them.

And when I dived in the sea
And the chill running down my spine
The kids splashing the water
And the sea treating them as its own daughter.

This action of mine
Had reminded of thee
Of the life of man
That after reaching the infinity
There is eternity.