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By Amanda W.
Grade 11, Washington

Summer is on its way.

The sun is shining bright.

The smell of the fresh air.

Soon it will be time to relax.

Laying outside,

with the warm sun rays,

releasing all my stress for the day.

Bringing a smile to my face.

Blue sky,

not a rain cloud in sight.

So calming.

I can just go outside,

stare at the clear, blue sky,

and bright, magnificent sun.

If my day is going bad,

I just have to take a step,

out of the darkness,

and into the light.

With the beautiful land around me.

But as the sun goes down,

a marvelous painting begins to show,

with bright, vivid colors,

forming in the sky.

The golden sun slips away.

The sky,

now black as can be.

With a spectacular glowing crescent,

craters in sight.

Surrounded by bright shining stars,

twinkling through the night,

some set free,

and soar a way,

never to come back again,

but still,

many are here to stay,

to glimmer until the sun rises again.

Summer I canít wait for you to arrive!