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So Free

By *Allyson F.
Grade 7, New York

I ran around, so free
A butterfly fluttered around me
The grass swayed
The wind blew
The clouds puffy
The sky so blue!

I rolled around, so free
The sun shining down on me
The dirt in my hair
The grass on my dress
A sea of life
This is the best!

I danced around, so free
My dress whipped around me
The petals of a red rose
Filled the air with a fragrance
I had never smelled before
It made me want to dance!

As I was doing this, so free
I had a bit of doubt in me
I knew this would not last
The heart of nature, soon be gone
I could not stand it, the agony
The light is coming;it is dawn!

I ran back home, not so free
I wonder what would happen to me
If I was caught out of the house
Not where I'm supposed to be
Momma didn't notice I was gone
I'll remember how I was so free!