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You Can't Hide

By Amber B.
Grade 11, Arizona

A rose in my hand ,
your picture in my locket ,
over your grave I stand ,
with tissues in my pocket .
My life will never again feel real .
I'm going to miss you forever .
Everyone is telling me how to feel ,
and trying to make me feel better .
I just want to be alone
but nobody will go away .
i want to be in my bedroom in my home .
so, I can slowly get though this day by
day .
My head hurts but I can't cry .
My eyes will hold no more tears .
Everyone tells me I'll be fine ,
but we had so many years .
Your last days will always be with me.
The cries of others I still hear .
When I remember I shed a million tears .
I was so young , but I know what was
going on .
I know where you went and the day you died .
I know forever you'll be gone ,
so, writing this will help me to say
my good-bye ....