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Your Love

By Amanda M.
Grade 11, Idaho

Every day i think of you,
I remember all the day's
And how i know
Our love is true.

I try to fight back the tears,
Because i dont want to cry,
I thought we would last years,
Or at least give it a try.

your the only one that's
Loved me like you do.
I dont want any one else,
Cause i only love you.

I dont want to be in love,
With some other guy,
And if i ''did'',
It would all be a lie.

I love you so much,
And that will never change,
I just hope you will change your mind,
so my love you will find.

I'll wait forever,
If thats what it takes,
I promise i'll,
Love you and i wont,
make any mistakes.