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I've seen you before

By Alexandria B.
Grade 9, Kentucky

Hey, Iíve seen you before
Iíve seen you
On the days when light wonít
Come through the clouds
And hope wonít come in along with it
Iíve seen you
Looking, watching
Hoping for a chance to join everyone
When they fake being happy.
Iíve seen you
Wanting things
Out of those beautiful blue eyes.
Hey, Iíve seen you,
Iíve seen you
Wondering around on those days,
Those days when you can feel
Life in the air.
Iíve seen you before
But those times,
Your eyes were red from
Unshed tears
Like you were crying
Inside your soul
But youíve never seen me
Iíve always looked away
Because Iím afraid to know you,
You on that side of normal.