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Daddy Tell Me

By Alisha C.
Grade 9, Oklahoma

Daddy I have some questions
and I need serious andswers.
It's about life
and it's about pain.
Daddy can you please tell me.
Daddy why do people leave?
Why do they make the people around them suffer?
Daddy tell me how someone can love,
and leave the next day.
Daddy tell me why some have happiness,
while others only know pain.
Daddy tell me why some kids are loved,
when others are beaten.
Daddy tell me why there are wonderful people in the world,
while others are taken from their families because of crime.
Daddy tell me why people have homes and plenty,
while some live in boxes, barely staying alive.
Daddy tell me why I have my prayers answerd,
while others seem to never receive.
Daddy tell me why