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The Sailor Bracelet

By Alexis S.
Grade 9, New Jersey

The Sailor Bracelet
One day I found a bracelet
Walking along a windy beach
My friends told me it was called a sailor
I look at them in disbelief
I said to them “ this is just a plain bracelet it needn’t have a name”
But they said, “This is special keep it with you and your whole world will change”
So I believed them even though I knew what it was
I took it home on my wrist
And it never left its spot
I then realized that I never took it off
I washed with it
I wore it to school
It was now a part of me
I thought it very cool.
One day I thought it was gone
But there it was ready for me
And I stared at it
Look to see the change
I couldn’t see the difference
But there was something missing,
Something was wrong
And then it finally hit me
The color was suddenly gone
At that day on my lucky beach
The bracelet had been blue
Now it was just plain white
Like cotton on a line
I think I like it better this way
I thought then to let the thought go
And kept on going just as I had before
Like I hadn’t a care in the world

Days and days went by,
Just like the seasons
The bracelet was still there
But it felt different
I knew what the change was
I didn’t ever speak it
I knew the summer was coming
And I thought I would miss place it
As the summer went by day by lazy day
I kept it with me always
Like a precious gift
Then one day
I went to that same lazy old beach
The twisty curvy one
The one I had found my precious bracelet in its sand
The one I had spent many a summer at
As I walked along the beach one day
I was swishing my feet in its sand
I felt something hard hit my foot
And when I put my hand do to get it
My bracelet was suddenly gone
I traveled back the way I had come
Hopelessly searching for the precious thing I had lost
I dug and kicked
But I found nothing
Until I reached down and felt something
I recognized it instantly
Because I had grown so fond of its touch
My most valued treasure lay there
Amidst in sand
I felt a big wave of relieve
My hidden treasure had been found
As I put it back into its spot I said softly to myself
“ You will never leave my wrist again you little precious one”

That bracelet never left my wrist again
And I am happy for that
This is the thing that has brought my joy
this is the thing that has brought me happiness
this thing
a pure, useless bracelet
is now my only one
my useless bracelet
even thought it is very special I have chosen its name
its name is sailor.