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Cassie and Wizzy

By Aggie M.
Grade 12, Washington

Cassie is my doggy.
And I have a cat named Wizzy.
Blue are the eyes,
Just like the sky.
Brown is Cassie's hair
Always tangled in flair.

Cassie likes Wizzy but Wizzy runs from Cassie.
Chasing in the high bed, stopping at a door,
Wizzy runs to the sofa, Cassie stumbling on the floor.

When Cassie smells Wizzy,
Wizzy is not the same,
She turns into a wild cat
Ready to pounce at her aim.

I love Cassie and I love Wizzy.
Everyday is extraordinary
Every time they play.

So when I lay in bed at night,
I pray for my doggy and pray for my kitty,
And thank God for giving me
A loving pet for a special Missy.