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Lost Friend

By Akx R.
Grade 12, Mauritius

What were the heavenly talks all about?
Why did you come back to me that night?
When you had to leave, suddenly
And Making me feel so lonelyÖ

Iím throbbing all alone
In grief and pain
Iím lost in the shadows
Of your absence
Iím looking for your soul
To no avail

Iím thinkingÖ
Iím cryingÖ
Iím dreamingÖ

Iím drowning
In the sea of ignorance
Iím sinking
In the blood of penitence

Your promise to stay with me forever
Was nothing but just a dream
Yeah they did call me a dreamer
But now all I do is scream
Every time that I think of you
Cause Iím facing the hard truth

Come wake me up
Come save me
Come raise me up
Come explain me

The reason you had to leave me on my ownÖ
Why did you say friends for ever
When in fact you just had to leave me down
Why did you made me a dreamer
When you already knew
My dreams would never become true.

Oh you, you donít know
What a friend really is
You just donít realize
I was all that for you

I miss you
I cried for you
I miss you
Iíll die for you

Iím trembling all alone in grief and pain
Iím lost in the shadows of your absence
Iím looking for your soul to no avail
Iím drowning in the sea of ignorance

Somebody wake me up
Somebody save me
Somebody take me out
Before that I pass out