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Angel Wings

By Alexis S.
Grade 10, Florida

Angel come down and take me back with you
Make all this go away help to make me disappear
The world that was created
Has changed through the many years

Angel you donít understand the day by day pain
Some of us pray as if things are really gonna change
Some of us are just use to bad things
I donít wanna be one of them
So lord take me with you under your angel wings.

The heart that I shared I parted from as if I can no longer be true
My part is walking around but when itís time to reconnect
Iíd rather not be found
Angel Iíd rather be in Heaven with you
Where I can be free of pain with no reason to cry
So please angel help me
Help me fly free take me to heaven under your beautiful angel wings.

A lesson for everybody that sometimes your smallest mistake in life will be your biggest regret.