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Safe inside the motherís womb

By Allwin V.
Grade K, India

Safe inside the motherís womb
No one to disturb her, No one to hurt her
Full of peace and happiness
No sorrows, no tears, No need to work hard
Her need is fulfilled sufficiently
Independently living inside the palace of her.
Safe inside her motherís womb...

Being inside for more months
Seems to be bored to her, wants to see the outer world
Comes out of her peaceful palace
She wants to see whom she was living
Comes out of her motherís womb..

Comes out of her motherís womb,Afraid of the people in the world
Horrified to see every one with big instruments
Cried a lot to go inside her palace
No one left her, the gates were closed
Cried a lot , no one comforted her..

After a few minutes a hand comforted her
Wondering she looked at the face of the one to whom she was
The womenís face was full of happiness
Again she felt happy felling that she was safe inside her mothers hand..