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Face It!

By Ada C.
Grade 11, Georgia

Some days your life goes great
and your thankful to be alive.
Other days are not so good
and you feel like you can't survive.
You feel like you're drowning...
you just can't seem to catch your breath.
You think you're losing everything,
you feel there's nothing left.
Is it not hard for you to wake each morning
knowing what you've lost?
Is it not painful for you
to realize what you chose for such a cost?
How could you let your most precious treasures
slowly slip away?
Just so you could have your material pleasures
throughout the day.
You turned from us
and now you've come back from this place.
And you can't quite seem
to look your mistakes in the face.
How could you come back
thinking your position would be the same?
Don't you understand
that their feelings for you have changed?
Can you not realize
that your acceptance will take time?
My brother's love may have come easy
but it won't be the same with mine!