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By !@#$%^&*() A.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

Fielding in the warm spring weather
Playing with your glove,
All strings and leather
Diving just to shag fly balls.
Firing just to record an out.
Rarity in the double play
but when it's done you shout,'' Hooray!''

Hitting with that metal bat
All the way to the fence
That seems one-thousand feet away.
Sprinting down the first base line
Just to get on base.
Steal your way to final path
Then trot on home
By way of a double.
Home runs allow a gentle jog
Around the path of players
As you cross each and every one of them
You get stared down as a sign of hatred

Baseball player can play any sport
With their coordination
They have the strength and agility
But all they lack is sympathy.