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Because Of You

By Kihya B.
Grade 15, Canada

I will not start to live in fear
I will not shed a single tear
My life is just about to start
You can not break my beating heart
There's too much I set out to do
Too much to let it be ruined by you
My heart was your's; you let it go
How was I supposed to know
But it's over now; we've reached the end
Maybe one day we'll still be friends
Just as we are for now we'll stay
More than just a single day
You will not break my heart again
It's in repair, it needs to mend
Hope floats away as if a dream
Love is seldom as it seems
As for now I'll stay alone
But I will not mope or moan
I will miss you that is true
But there's nothing left to do
I will not cry, I will not shout
I know there's more that life's about
So if you love me let me know
But if not I must turn and go
Our time was fun but now it shall cease
My heart can now rest in peace
I'm sorry that you turned away
But there's nothing left to say
I will not cry, I will not scream
I guess I'll see you in my dreams....