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A Goodbye to My First Love

By A. S.
Grade 12, Canada

Iím sorry my first and former love for having left so many things unsaid,
For not giving you a hug goodbye, but alas it is to this that we ourselves have led.
For not wishing a safe journey upon you, when losing you I could not bear,
Perhaps one day youíll understand how I felt, and just how much I once did care.
You left behind a broken heart but many a happy memory too,
but I never wanted memories, I only wanted you.
A thousand words couldnít stop this nightmare I know because I tried,
A thousand tears couldnít make me feel better I know because I cried.
But finally I too can say, itís time, to go our separate ways,
And that itís time for me to keep trudging alone so that I can find the love of my life someday.
For You are you and I am I, no longer ďUsĒ are we,
Alas I guess it was never written in the stars, just never meant to be.
Iíve already lost the Naomi I loved and I hope I do not have to lose another,
My best friend, the person who I once trusted most, more than any other.
Broken promises abound between us, yes to that I will admit, for they are a fact of life,
But my promise of friendship I shall try to keep, I shall not stab Your back with a knife.
I miss you a little I guess you could say especially now since youíve gone away,
A little too much although I hate to admit it, a little too often, a little bit more each day.
ďBut for those truly linked, companionship and correspondence are trivial. Part of each shall always reside in the heart of the other, and even after what may seem like a lifetime apart, their friendship will be truer, fonder, and stronger than ever.Ē
To this I hope but alas if all this was meant to be but a distant memory that we treasure,
Then all I ask of you is that you remember me as you go,
On through life until our paths cross again, if that is meant to be so.
For weíll meet one day in the headlines galore,
If opportunity fails to knock build yourself a door.
Life lessons, great rugby, stories unreal;
But it was a special girl who made all the same memories surreal.
A thanks to you, my friend,
For your advice, love, passion, and support to the end.
A dream lies ahead for each memory we treasure,
Enough Now, Only Perfection a new beginning, itís been a pleasure.