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The Tree of Life

By Abhishek P.
Grade 9

There they come, in skirt and stripe
Giggling in black and blue,
They wonder if the time is ripe,
And hope that the fruit is too.

The bell has rung, and now is the chance
To have from the tree their lunch.
And when they see, with joy they prance.
Red with juice are many a bunch!

To make the berries feel the earth,
Up go the sticks and stones!
Some of success have no dearth,
And from some escape piteous moans

This tree even seems like life.
Reaching out with their heart and soul
These youths must face so much strife,
To strike their elusive goal.

Some succeed, and achieve their aims
Some must continue their quest
Hidden into these childhood games,
Do life’s truths calmly rest

Maybe in a couple of years,
They will come to love
And understand their smiles and tears,
To reach for the stars above

Some may forage for fallen fruits.
Some may touch an untouched bough
But their future truly finds its roots
In the tender shoots of now

So off they go, skipping down the road
There pockets with no space left free
And maybe some day, they'll find a load
Of the fruits of life’s evergreen tree.