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Your soul dyed Black and Blue

By ###Annie### ..
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

Blood is shed

Tears still fall

I canít pretend

To cover it all

Emotion pours

Like water in a vase

But I canít force

You to hate this place

But after you witness

The alarming facts

Theyíre wonít be more forgiveness

You wonít just sit there and relax

Youíll want to cease their vile ways

Without a second doubt

And with a swoop your fist sways

But there are other ways to work it out

You wonít listen because youíve left

To find the culprit, youíve flee

To beat the man guilty of theft

Just as he did to me

Wonít that make you as bad as him?

I simply tried to persuade

Cuz I donít want you out on that limb

I know you arenít that way

Fighting hasnít solved

Anything so far

Itís made tears and blood evolve

Causing ideas of war

There are other ways

Just as Iíve said before

Instead of beating someoneís face

Until they hit the floor

The monstrosity you have become

Is tearing us apart

Your revenge will now become

An illegal work of art

To him, you are a criminal

Just as he is to you

Your honest ways turned immoral

Your soul dyed black and blue

Donít you see a pattern here?

Beneath the anger you have mixed

There is no problem anywhere

That ruthless fighting can fix