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The Tree

By $xc L.
Grade 7, United Kingdom

I stand tall in the summer,
I listen to lovere love,
I stand tall in the summer,
I blow with the clouds above

I hear the gargle of a new born baby,
I see fathers and sons with their ball,
I watch babys and mothers feed the ducks,
I can see them all

I see autumn coming over hills,
My leaves are changing colour,
Reds, oranges, yellows and browns,
A sight like no other

I see people in cars,
They just drive on by,
They never visit me anymore,
I didnt even get a good-bye

Winter is here,
Snow on my shoes,
Still no friend,
I feel abused

I really miss the laughter,
I really miss the games,
I really miss the children,
I miss the suns hot flames