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A special someone

By Ali H.
Grade 11, Kuwait

Hawra ,five letters that define an angel sent from heavens above,

An angel that could only provide the world with love.

Her beautiful unique smile makes the world go round,

her presence makes my knees fall to the ground.

Her lovely round eyes give vision to the blind,

Her ravishing walk makes the clocks unwind.

Her gorgeous voice even the deaf could hear,

Her shining beauty wipes away my greatest fear.

She is everything this life is worth living for,

She is the angel above waiting in front of heavens door.

They say there’s a million other girls in this world but you’re the

one in a million that is complete,

For the whole world around me pauses when our eyes meet.

I would sacrifice everything on earth just to see that heavenly smile

Hawra your happiness makes this world worthwhile.