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I Am Woman

By Alleye V.
Grade 11, Indiana

Making decisions, oh, so tough
Should I tell you, because I've had enough
Of your evil, little lies
Tear streaked pillows from my cries
Wanting to be stronger
Holding on just a little bit longer
Hold my head up high
And to you, I say good-bye
I can make it
I can take it
I am woman

Reliving all the pain
All the mortiffing shame
Sometimes it's all I can bare
But these moments are so rare
I look in the mirror
All my pain and fear
Just dissappears
I dry my tears
And say, I can make it
I can take it
I am woman

Sometimes I'm at my worst
Then laughter just burst
Right through
Loving life and everything I choose to do
Change my mind
Just one more time
Craddling my heart
Like it's going to fall apart
I know I can make it
I know I can take it
Because I am woman