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**ReSsE pIeCeS**

By **DeEdEe** G.
Grade 8, Ohio

ReSsE pIeCeS aRe ThE bOmB,
WhEn CoMeS tO mY ReSsE pIeCeS yOu bEtTeR bE GoNe,
WhEn I pUt It On My ToNgUe I Go YuM YuM,
tHeY mElT iN My MoUtH lIkE IcE cReAm MeLtS On a hOt SuMmEr dAy,
ThEiR BeTtEr ThEn sKiTtLeS AnD BiGgEr ThEn nErDs,
ThEy TaStE lIkE pEaNuT BuTtEr,
ThE WhOlE jAr,
WhEn I aTe My ReEsE pIeCeS,
iT FeElS lIkE iM oN tOp Of,
A tWiX tHaT's AlL iN tHe MiX,
wHeN i PuT oNe In My MoUtH,
i Go WoAh WoAh,
BuT tHaTs WhAt I lOvE
aBoUt My ReEsE pIeCeS !