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Grandad- a poem for my hero

By Abigale N.
Grade 9, United Kingdom

Im staring at you photo
Trying to be brave
Thinking of the good times
As I picture your face

Nothing had prepared me
For how I feel today
If life is so amazing
Why did it take you away

I miss our conversations
Things no one else could see
I miss having a hero
The one I want to be

I miss the way you warmed our hands
When winter was unfair
I miss the smell of cleanliness
The softness of your hair

I pulled out your jacket
From the wadrobe it came
I held it as if were you
And your smell came back again

It lingered round a while
Then it slowly disappeared
It felt like you were leaving
Rolled down my cheek a tear

I always watch your space
Where you sat on your chair
Reading your newspaper
I look but your not there

I wonder in the kitchen
With my hand I trace your seat
Wishing you were here
So I could sit and watch you eat

I miss your random singing
Your random dancing too
I miss how you would joke about
And wind grandma up too

There never was a dull moment
While I was in your care
I feel ive lost myself
Without you im bare

Emotion is a word
Although they serve you well
I feel I cant express them
Like ive gone back in my shell

What id give to have a hug from you
A kiss, a smile would do
If I could tell you one thing
It would be that I love you